Thursday, 12. July 2007
Workshops , Lectures, Events
The activities during the 4 weeks will cover several types of events, which will be announced publicly and everybody is invited to join:


Presentation of the artists’ previous works and activities in public space.
Presentation of the researches on public space in the different countries
Presentations by the workshop leaders about some particular interventionist and activist works in public space, and works about culture politics.
How to establish an NGO?


Saturday 15th sept
Christian Ruby - Essayist, Philosopher, Paris

During the summer of 2007, many exhibitions dealt with ‚public art’ and its criticism through works by Lin Yilin, Jiri Kovanda, Malick Sidibé, Valérie Jouve. While too many European cities still don’t care about what is to be seen in their streets or spoil the space with ugly polyurethane objects, some other cities face the problem of public art and try to think about that. Among them, Münster focuses on the following issue: a ‚private’ public art. It is then high time we cared much about the res publica. Whom does public space belong to? What can we do about it? How to intervene in it, and for whom? That does not mean we are supposed to praise what is currently praised. An artistic education is not only for the happy few, but definitely needs a long time. Most of all, ‚public art’ deals with our willingness to understand an art whose questions drive to question ourselves.

Tuesday 18th sept
MISGUIDED TOURS - Sebastian Cichocki
Curator Gallerija Kronika Bytom, Poland

17:00 'The space is the place' / lecture - duration: 90 minutes
'The economy of invisible' / workshop - duration: 30 minutes
chill-out: films by Igor Krenz + short introduction by Sebastian Cichocki
duration: 20 minutes
after: dinnerish+drinks

Wednesday 19th sept
20:00 Green+House Effect / a screening of contemporary video-art from Poland + introduction talk - duration: 90 minutes
music + talks + films by Lewandowska&Cummings, Julita Wójcik, Scott Hayes and others.

Friday 21st sept, 20.00
'Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies'
Liz Bachhuber, founder and teacher of the homonymous mfa program in Bauhaus-University Weimar

Prof. Liz Bachuber will introduce the Master of Fine Art: "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies" program and its concept, which was founded at the Bauhaus-University Weimar in 2001. In 2006 the MFA-Program was named one of the top ten international master programs in Germany. The goal in this program is to prepare artists for the particular challenge of working in the public realm; transdisciplinary theory regarding public space and discussion with professionals and experts accompany the artistic process. Additionally she will show some student works.

Tuesday 25th sept, 20.00
'On behalf of streets and squares'
Torsten Birne, architect and cocurator of public art projects e.g. ‘Wild Capital’

The so called work of artist Andreas Siekmann points out the history of public art in West-Germany since the 1970’s. Presented as a timeline look a like a tram with several stations projects like documenta 1982 or Firminy 1993 are indicated which played an important role for the discussion of public art and its relations to politics in the same period. After the presentation of the work by Andreas Siekmann I will ask for the recent ‘political site’ of public art.

Thursday 27th sept, 20.00
'Public Space as a Verb'
Roman Dziadkiewicz, artist

The talk and the workshop is a proposal for training reflection dealing with questions of power/weakness of ideology and aesthetics of relations, context, dialogue (Bakhtin, Swidzinski, Bourriaud), which are incorporated and capitalised by contemporary flexible structures of power (in terms of administrator of rebel & consensus, as well as distributor of public and private funds). The questions of how and why the progressive and critical tools of social and cultural disagreement (like participatory, laboratory, relational strategies or cultural / political / institutional critics) are turning into forms of legitimisation of self-modernising image of global power will be touched (just as a starting point). In the same time there are some ideas/aspects/ways/terms/alternatives/exercises for the discussion/developing/effort I want to propose in those contexts e.g. experimental/critical extending of the idea of relations.

The following issues will pointed out: touch, (forgotten) body, memory and problem of will (Grotowski, Gurdjieff)) as potential tools for acting in the public, the problem of negative potencial (Gillick) and tensions in the field of power (Bourdieu) and its economy as well as an economy of rebellion (with examples in: dance, rhythm science (Miller), street fighting, love, shouting). Then if we take tensions – the question of conflict/war as a mother/father of everything and the democracy particularly (Heraclitus, Laclau/Mouffe) and contemporary claustrophobia (Virilio), taken from a provincial (and dynamic) perspective in a view of post-colonial studies (Said, Thompson) as well as our personal experiences and historical/cultural encumbrances, shame, dreams, imaginations and hopes.


Tuesday 2nd oct
Nicolas Carras SOSart

every friday - open pictures

Movie Hour
Friday, 28th sept 21:00
‘The Heart of Turkey’ by Jutkeyevic with introduction by Thomas Balkenhol

Sunday 16th sept

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