Tuesday, 21. August 2007
A Question of Translation & Formality

My name is Daniel Caleb Thompson and I have taken over the web presentation of the Light House Ankara blog & website, and I would like to ask Burak, Canan, Duygu, Basak, Özgür, Cigdem, Ozan & Kutlu if English translations of Blog postings written in Turkish will be (or should be) offered for the other artists and international visitors to the site.

By the way, I was born in the USA and have not only worked together with Naomi Salmon on several occasions in the past, I also respect her as a person and consider her to be one of my friends. I suppose that should mean that we will all hate each other - but the main reason why I choose to live in Europe and raise my daughter here is because - as opposed to the USA - Europeans tend to be considerate of other people and not mistake the map for the territory. (i.e. all Israelis are baby murdering photographers and the mere fact that the Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία is under any sort of control by Türkiye kinda makes statements in Turkish about فلسطين more like the pot calling the kettle black.)

At any rate, just thought I'd take this chance to say hello, get mixed up in the discourse and basically wish everyone a nice morning! Just think about it please - working together requires COMMUNICATION and COMMUNICATION (on a blog) can only take place between people speaking the SAME language.

Daniel Caleb Thompson

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idiomatic idiocities are also local

The counterpart of being a "separationist" is "NOT" BEING AN "EQUALIZATIONIST" (I just made the word, if it exists and covers something else previously, sorry..)

What I meant was, neither the pot nor the kettle was black. How dare you to link those in such a lame linear fashion? That form of justification makes utterly no sense... genuine troubleshooting! Genuine history-making..!!! A genuine perspective.!!

I, as a quite common guy with a novice knowledge in history can see your misconception on cold, solid facts (and I can assure you I am not perceiving through any kind of filter established by any kind of nationalistic history making or meaning-making... I keep myself out of it.. intentionally.). Yet those are still not equal or near-by enough to connect with each other... those form an erratic and "forced" justification... And only a motive of "intention" has to be feeding it.. This killing is a professional's work... It cannot be an accident.

But you are definitely NOT the "one" to blame. There is noONE to blame..it is public I presume..in a public far far away.. A culture of creating surfaces of desire... a pattern-maker's mind, a fanatic rationalization motive... a structured life over conspiracy and reason for masses... you are welcomed as you are...

What pot? ..what kettle..??

reclaim your heritage... instead of "non-ending, self-beneficial vicious circle stories with a twist" start with "meanings of idioms and cold facts of life"...

"When meaning is by photoshop, you can feel the archbishop.." how's that? -I am not a religious person..... for the sudden reflex...-

you make bizarre look beautiful... as long as you stick to it with passion... we can sell it like that..


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